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Misclassification Labor Law Firm
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Don't let your employer's misclassification of your employment status jeopardize your rights and financial well-being. Our dedicated team of legal professionals is here to advocate for you at every stage of the process, from gathering evidence to helping you secure the maximum settlement. Unlike other law firms, if necessary, we will fight for you all the way to trial.

Employee misclassification is a prevalent issue in California, often resulting in workers being denied their rightful benefits and protections under state labor laws. Employers may wrongly classify employees as independent contractors to avoid providing benefits, overtime pay, and other legal protections. This practice is not only unethical but also a violation of California labor laws.


We understand the complexities of employee classification and the importance of staying current with legal developments affecting workers' rights in California.

Our firm has extensive experience in misclassification labor law, including but not limited to:

Wage and Hour Issues: Ensuring adherence to California wage and hour laws, including meal and rest breaks, overtime pay, and minimum wage requirements for misclassified employees.

Unpaid Benefits: Helping employees recover unpaid benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid time off due to misclassification.

Employment Taxes: Addressing issues related to unpaid employment taxes and Social Security contributions resulting from misclassification.

Penalties and Damages: Pursuing penalties and damages against employers who have willfully misclassified employees, in accordance with the California Labor Code.

Contact us for a FREE Case Evaluation. We offer a "No Win, No Fee" arrangement, ensuring that you only pay if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Together, let's hold employers accountable for their unlawful misclassification practices and protect the rights of California's workforce.

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